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About This Farmer

Starting on the East Coast I began my exploration of having a career in the Green Industries at a wholesale florist in Ct. There I learned to love the beauty of nature one stem at a time.  Since then I have worked a Multitude of Jobs throughout different Green Industries. Mainly in Farming, Greenhouse/Nursery Management and Urban Farm Development.  As well as earned a degree in Horticultural Sciences from NVCC.

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The Start of My Passion

I remember vividly the colors of the bouquet I was arranging when I fell in love with farming.  It was my first year farming in Central Connecticut and the stems that made up that bouquet were planted, tended and harvested with my help.  The beauty in my hand was the result of my passionate stewardship of the land and alot of hard work.  Since then I have spent the last decade pursuing a multitude of passionate pursuits in the Green Industry.

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