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How This Farmer Can Help You

Here are some of the areas that this farmer can currently help out!

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Farming, welp its in my name and also my area of expertise.  This Friendly Farmer can help you in many ways in the multi-faceted industry.  Helping other farms succeed is Part of my passion so from small and just starting out, to large and trying to scale, I'm certain this Friendly Farmer can help!


Educating others in the wonderful world of Plants is a Passion!  Private Classes and Curriculum Design are available with a large variety of topics in the Green space from Plant Care, Indoor Plants, Edible Gardens, Mushroom Cultivation and much more


Here I can assist your business in Design of Physical Space, Work-flow systems, and scaling plans.  From Farms just trying to build on an idea to fully integrating a concept in an already operating production FF can help.

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